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Dry Cleaning


Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

At Arcadia Cleaners, we are your go-to experts for quality dry cleaning and laundry services. From formal wear to towels that need to be revitalized, we use cleaning tools and techniques to give your apparel and household items a deep clean.

delivery truck

Pick-Up & Delivery Services

Adding more hours in your day is what we're about at Arcadia Cleaners. We offer FREE pickup and delivery services that are as easy as 1-2-3. Free time is just a phone call away: 1.602.955.3680!


Tablecloth & Bed Linen PROCESSING

Let Arcadia Cleaners help keep your linens and tablecloths fresh and vibrant year-round with our services. When you notice your sheets or tablecloth losing color and softness, let us work our magic!


Pillow Cleaning & Restoration

Often times pillows just get overlooked. But as something you use nearly every night, pillow are subject to collecting dirt, oils, dust and more! Not to mention, loose buyonacy and comfort. If it's been awhile since you've cleaned your pillows, we're here to help!

rug cleaning and shoe polishing

area rug cleaning 

Area rugs get dirty. Plain and simple. Between traffic of residents and guests (or kids) to spills and other accidents, your area rug could always use a deep cleaning. With one session, we can restore the beauty of your area rug and remove those unsightly stains! 

Additional Services

Leather & Purse Cleaning 

For all the odds and ends of your home or appeal, we can restore it with a meticulous cleaning session. Offering leather and purse cleaning services, we can revitalize any leather item you have and remove any stains and build-up from your purse so it's like new again!

Fluff & Fold

Laundry piling up and short on time? Why leave it waiting when we can take care of that for you? Our Fluff & Fold Service is an easy and convenient way to handle this chore. Your items are washed, dried, and returned to you folded. The service is priced by the total weight of your items instead of piece by piece.

Green Cleaning 

In 2002, Arcadia Cleaners switched its dry cleaning process to become environmentally friendly. Besides being good for the environment, this process leaves your garments feeling soft and looking like new. Arcadia’s chemicals are safe for the environment and your clothes. To add to our goal of being environmentally friendly, we recycle hangers, plastic bags, cardboard, and paper products; and use bio-degradable poly. Arcadia is a “Green” cleaner!

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